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Reiki Therapist located in Houston, Texas

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About Reiki Haven

Reiki Haven is a superior, holistic, wellness practice in Houston, Texas, led by an experienced reiki practitioner and her skilled and professional staff. The practice serves patients of all ages in a comfortable, friendly setting.

The outstanding therapists at Reiki Haven are passionate about what they do and the treatments they offer. They have expertise and experience using an array of holistic remedies, including therapeutic healing candles with calming scents, healing pink himalayan salt for relaxing and rejuvenating, herbal soaps, and more.

Reiki Haven offers crystal therapy, reiki therapy, herbal therapy, life coaching, natural pain relief, and vaginal steaming (V Steam) to reduce unpleasant symptoms and enhance patients’ overall wellness, without harsh medicines or invasive procedures.


All-natural treatments at Reiki Haven reduce ongoing pain and other unpleasant symptoms, increase energy, reduce disease risks, enhance healing, and allow patients to live their best life. The friendly and professionals compassionately welcome new and existing patients to the practice and enjoy caring for them.


To learn more about reiki therapy and other holistic treatments available at Reiki Haven and find out which are best for you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Client testimonials

" I would highly recommend checking it out if you are interested in trying reiki or just need to show yourself some self care."

Maddie Z.
"I always have a great experience here , amazing customer service an quality !!! Will definitely be coming back!"

La’Nesha R.